Having a garage has become somewhat of a standard addition to residential properties. They provide a convenient place to safely park your vehicle as well as store many of your belongings. While attached garages have been the most common option for many years, detached garages have been regaining popularity. A detached garage is a separate structure from the home, offering many advantages over attached versions.

If you are trying to decide which garage style is the best for you, here are 7 reasons you should build a detached garage:

Detached Garages Offer Location Flexibility

The beauty of a detached garage is that you have a lot more freedom when choosing where to build. An attached garage is limited to the structural capabilities of your home, taking up the prime real estate immediately around it. With a detached garage, you can build (almost) anywhere on your property and leaving the space closest to your home open for other purposes. Detached garages also eliminate the possibility of a garage-dominated façade. You can build as big as your want without taking the focus away from your home.

Planning to build a separate structure often makes permitting applications simpler as opposed to restructuring your home to add an attached garage. Building permits for detached garages are straightforward, with fewer limitations or restrictions when compared to attached garages.

Detached Garages Are A Smart Financial Investment

Detached garages are typically more affordable to build than attached garages. With a free-standing building you do not have to worry about trying to match up with the existing foundation of your home or how to tie in to the electrical or plumbing systems. A well-built detached garage also offers a great return on investment, increasing the overall resale value of your property.

You Can Completely Customize A Detached Garage

Building a detached garage from the ground up gives you complete freedom when it comes to design. From the inside out, you can customize every aspect. Whether you want something small and simple or large and extravagant, detached garages offer the greatest flexibility.

Choosing a detached garage over an attached one also provides more use possibilities. You can design it to be more than just a place to park your car. If you wanted, you could build a second story, adding a living space above your work areas. You can install custom shelving to store your belongings. With detached garages, you can let your imagination be your guide.

Detached Garages Offer Increased Safety

Garages are commonly used to store all the things we do not want to keep in our house – gasoline, paint, oil, etc. Not only are these substances odorous, but they are also often flammable. By building a detached garage you can keep hazardous materials further away from you home, making it safer for you and your family.

Additionally, garages are often used by thieves to gain access to homes during a B&E. Having a detached garage eliminates the risk of intruders entering your home through your garage.

There Is More Room To Grow

Having more flexible space is one of the greatest rewards of building a detached garage. They offer the ability to modify and expand as your needs may change. You can easily start with a simple 2-car garage design and add a loft with a living area or porch off to the side. The freedom to modify a detached garage is because it is a standalone structure that is not limited by being directly attached to your house.

Detached Garages Improve The Aesthetic Of Your Property

When built right, detached garages enhance the aesthetic of your property rather than detract from it. They can be designed to match the colors and style of your home to improve overall curb appeal. As mentioned before, detached garages also keep the attention on your house instead of dominating the entire façade with a large, overwhelming attached garage.

Is A Detached Garage Right For You?

As with any new building project, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a detached garage before making your final decision. Detached garages serve many of the same functions as an attached garage – they provide a safe place to park your vehicles and store your belongings. While you may have to walk a little further to get to a detached garage, their many advantages over attached garages make them the ideal choice for those wanting a garage that is flexible, practical, and beautiful.

Planning to break ground on a new garage is exciting, but there are a lot of important decisions that needs to be made. Pairing with a reputable contractor is the first step in ensuring your garage building dreams are successfully brought into fruition. Alberta Garage Builders is a fully licensed and insured construction company that specializes in building secure, functional, and attractive detached garages in Edmonton and surrounding areas. For a free quote on your garage building project, give us a call today!