There are many reasons to buy a larger vehicle – from wanting something to safely haul your toys to needing the additional room to fit your growing family. Regardless of the reasoning behind your purchase, ensuring that the investment in your new rig is protected within the four walls of your garage is important.

So, what happens if you find the perfect vehicle only to get home and realize it might be a tighter squeeze than you are comfortable with? When buying a new vehicle, one of the most important factors that people forget about is whether that vehicle will properly fit into their garage. Well, we have some practical solutions to help customize your space and design a garage for larger vehicles.


This might seem kind of obvious but measuring your garage – including the current useable floor space – is essential in knowing exactly what you are working with before you make any final decisions when picking out a new vehicle to bring home. Sometimes, our eyes can be deceptive. We may think that a certain vehicle will not fit in the space, but when it comes down to the numbers, you may be able to carefully pull in there. Knowing the dimensions of both your space and prospective vehicles will help you to make a more confident purchasing decision.


An easy and effective way to ensure you have the most floor space available for parking a larger vehicle is to adequately manage the contents of your garage. You may have started with a neatly organized space, but over time we tend to leave things out and accumulate more belongings. If you take a moment to survey your garage, it is likely that you will find at least a few items that can be rearranged or cleared out to make more room. Adding some functional shelving can also help get things up off the floor and make it easier for you to access when needed. Things like tools, sports equipment, and even bicycles can be hung on the walls to maximize the parking area in your garage so your truck or SUV will fit more easily.


If after all the cleaning and organizing and downsizing of your belongings you find there still is not enough square footage to safely park your vehicle, your next option may be restructuring. Depending on the type of garage you currently have (and the permitting requirements in your municipality) there are few different approaches you could take. For example, you may be able to do a “bump out” addition if you have an attached garage. This requires a specialized contractor to take out an existing wall of the garage and extend into a bordering room within your home. Another option is to extend your garage by removing the walls, extending the concrete pad, and rebuilding to accommodate the additional floor space. Remodeling can be an expensive endeavour, but it is worthwhile to protect your investment in a new vehicle and ensure all your belongings are safely stored.


When your plans to simply remodel do not meet the brief, building a new detached garage may be the next logical solution. Starting from scratch gives you complete control over the design of your garage and the freedom to create a space that meets all your needs.

Specific customizations to consider when designing your garage for larger vehicles:

  • Flooring: Large vehicles require flooring that will stand up against their weight and movement. Basic concrete and epoxy floors are particularly popular options for garages.
  • Garage doors: It is important to choose a garage door that will provide a wide enough opening for your large vehicle to easily fit through and one that does not take up any of the essential useable space within your garage.
  • Storage space: When you build from the ground up, you can design perfect built-in shelving and other storage spaces for your garage. This reserves useable floor space for your vehicle and keeps things neat, tidy, and easily accessible.
  • Electrical outlets: You want to make sure you include plenty of electrical outlets in your newly designed space. It’s also important to carefully plan the location of the outlets to ensure they are both functional and accessible. If your vehicle is electric, you need to ensure that the charging station is installed where you can easily plug your vehicle in.
  • Additional work or living space: The beauty of a detached garage is that you are not limited to structural capabilities of your home. You can include extra space for your work, hobbies, or even guests.

Working with an experienced builder, such as Alberta Garage Builders, you can build the perfect garage to safely and comfortably park your large vehicle without having to sacrifice anything else.


Having a well-laid out garage ensures the secure storage of your vehicle and other belongings. With some careful planning and organizing, you can enjoy parking your new vehicle in your garage while still being able to access any other items you may have in there.

If you are wanting to explore your remodeling or garage building options in Edmonton, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals. Alberta Garage Builders has an experienced team available to help you decide the best options for your vehicle and your property. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation for your garage project!